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Modelling Requirements − our Core Competence

We use a methodology that combines ideas from the field of product-line engineering (FAST and KobrA) with advanced domain-specific modelling (DSM). In other words, we formalise all stages of product development and at the same time strive to automate all pattern-based repetitive tasks:
  • We do not use predefined modelling environments such as e.g. UML or BPML, but we create special modelling languages for each area of knowledge involved in the definition and development of a particular product or solution. Thus, requirements and design decisions are documented by directly tapping into the terminology of the corresponding stakeholders and experts, laying the foundation for a shared understanding between all involved parties.
  • Since the requirements are documented in an unambiguous form, they can be  − but do not need be −  processed automatically to create the desired products or solutions. Depending on customer needs, we generate a very broad range of artefacts (e.g. documentation, configuration parameters, software code, product plans, test scripts, etc.) with custom-made automation facilities (or generators).

We specialize in direct formal communication between end-users and development teams.